shoot baby flexi blanket bars

Flexi Blanket Bars

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The SHOOT BABY! Flexi Blanket Bars are a fantastic solution for stretching out the sides of your blanket to create smooth, wrinkle-free surfaces and to extend the background in your images. The Flexi Blanket Bars are like strong snakes that clamp onto your Blanket/Backdrop Stand (any brand). The lower end of the 'snakes' screw into a metal base, that keeps them secure on the floor. 

This is an original SHOOT BABY! product which will save you hours in post production (cloning/fading/digitally smoothing your blankets). Bars are approximately 165cm/65" in length and you can set them up as wide or narrow as you like (depending on your blanket width). Sold as a set of 2 and Carry Bag is included.