'Squeaky Clean' LR Preset (Warm edit)

So... I have been mucking around with a Preset I made and an unusual (perhaps? I don't know if any one else does it?) method of editing. And I am LOVING the results. Not only that, it is super fast to do! These images below literally took just a couple of minutes each (and most of that time was spent spot healing the skin). The result is perfect for newborn photography as it seems to work wonderfully on their skin. It also seems to be very versatile and consistent across a range of images. If I ever sell this Preset/technique, I think I would call it 'Squeaky Clean' as it results in a beautifully clean image. I made the below images quite warm (White Balance) but this Preset looks good at cooler temperatures too. If you'd like to see how your RAW image turns out with this method, then email it to me and I will process it and send it back to you! :) I'd really like to see how well it works on other peoples images! info@shootbaby.com

ETA: Can be non-newborn RAWs too, as I have another preset I think would be suitable for other (non-newborn) images.


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