Small but helpful changes to 2 in 1 Stand

We've made 2 small, but very helpful/useful, changes to the 2 in 1 Stand design. With these changes we feel that this stand will become the most versatile newborn photography blanket support stand in the industry! 

1) Third Telescopic Upright

We are adding a third telescopic upright to the 2 in 1 Stand that will allow for a shorter minimum and taller maximum stand height. The stand will now be adjustable in height from 280mm up to 680mm which means the stand can be used with short, medium or tall beanbags (and everything in between).

2) Rounded Square Corners

The shape of the stand has changed slighty. Instead of being a circle, the stand will now have more of a 'rounded square corners' shape. This allows the stand to be assembled and disassembled a lot more easily. We hope you like the changes and we look forward to stocking this stand in November 2017 (all going well!).






DIY backdrop stand

 posing blanket stand


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