Production Schedule | 2 in 1 Stand Sample

I know many of you are anxious for news on the SHOOT BABY! 2 in 1 Stand... I finally have a Production Schedule for the sample! I know it's taken awhile (sorry guys!) but good things come to those who wait, right!? So it looks like the sample will be finished around the end of May, which means I'll hopefully have it by early June. Some things I'll be checking when the sample arrives:

1. Stability 

2. How the blanket looks

3. The width (whether it's wide enough - it's a balance between being wide enough but compact enough)

4. Weight

5. Ease of assembly

6. Ease of disassembly

7. Portability in Ford Territory (our car) when assembled

8. General usability and ergonomics

Have I thought of everything? If not, leave a comment below! :)

Don't forget, you can go in the running to win the 2 in 1 Stand (and probably be the first one to own it, apart from myself!) by following the instructions here:

Love and Great Light,

Penny x


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