July 2017 Update on the 2 in 1 Stand

Just thought I would post a little update on the development of the new SHOOT BABY! 2 in 1 Stand for newborn photographers. 

The 1st prototype was recently started however this model was not completed as the connections between some of the parts of the stand were found to be too difficult for the user to connect/disconnect.

Some minor modifications have been made to the connections and a 2nd prototype is currently in the process of being made. The manufacturers have told me it will take 20 days for the new model to be made but I am more likely to believe 30-40 days is a more realistic timeline. Past experience has taught me that I should generally double the time a manufacturer tells me something will take! 

So, with the above in mind, I am hoping for the 2nd prototype to be completed around mid-late August. Fingers crossed everything goes well with the 2nd version so that I can confirm the prototype and begin bulk manufacturing of the finalised 2 in 1 Stand! 

The 2 in 1 Stand is still expected to cost around $450USD, but it could be slightly more ($20-$50 more) depending on how the 2nd model goes and the work involved in producing it. 

I still have the 2 in 1 Stand available for pre-order at the special 'pre-release' price of $350USD. This is absolutely the best way to secure this wonderful new stand at the best price! Once the prototype is approved, the final price will be determined and the $350USD price will no longer apply! 

You can also go in the running to win one a 2 in 1 Stand. The number of entries is still only around the 60 mark (at the time of posting this) so the odds are still very much in your favour!! The link to the competition is HERE

Love and great light,

Penny xx




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