2 in 1 Stand | In Development!

Hello SHOOT BABY! Customers and Fans!

Below are some images showing the highly anticipated 2 in 1 Stand that we are working on developing. We anticipate this stand will cost around $450USD or less. Right at this very moment we are in the process of getting a sample/prototype made. Depending on how the sample turns out we will either give the thumbs up for production or modify/refine the design and have another sample made/tested. Once we have a final sample made and approved, pre-orders can be taken from our customers and production can begin. From there, the stands should take around 2-3 months to be made. We know how much our customers and photographers are looking forward to this 'all in one' solution, for supporting your blankets/fabrics, and we are working diligently to get this baby into your hot little hands ASAP!

Photos taken by the incredibly talented Erin Elizabeth Photography and Stephanie Robin Photography 


To go in the running to win one of these stands then 'share' this blog post on your Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Leave a comment below for each 'share' (and include the link to where you've shared it please). Each comment will count as an entry and the competition will be drawn (and the stand sent to the winner) as soon as the stands are in stock!


2 in 1  Stand shown here in it's two positions - with and without the Cross Bar
(and the SHOOT BABY! Newborn Posing Beanbag for reference/scale):


2 in 1 Stand in the Common Position (using the Cross Bar).
Example photos showing the type of images you'd shoot for, with the stand in this position:


2 in 1 Stand in the Lay Flat Position (without Cross Bar).
Perfect for shooting overhead (bird's eye view) and/or for back-lit images:


Animation showing the functionality of the 2 in 1 Stand: 


Minimum Height of the 2 in 1 Stand:


Maximum Height of the 2 in 1 Stand:


Diameter of the 2 in 1 Stand:

All In One (AIO) Stand


Minimum Height (floor to Cross Bar):

Newborn Backdrop Stand


Maximum Height (floor to Cross Bar):

Blanket Support Stand


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